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Kuli Productions is a fully functional media farm based in Los Angeles, CA. We specialize in all aspects of content creation (video, music production, photography and design.)


Kuli productions is owned and operted by Toft Willingham and his wife Eleni. Toft is the lead singer, songwriter Spiritual Rez and a studio producer/engineer. He has degrees in Contemporary Writing and Production and Music Production and Engineering from Berklee College of Music. His wife Eleni is a Videographer/Video Editor with a Masters degree in fine art from SVA in New York City. Together they produce all the media necessary to expose your project to the world with a beautiful and professional presentation. Kuli Productions is a one-stop media farm that can build your project from the ground up; from producing/arranging, and recording your record, to conceptualizing, filming and editing your videos.


Kuli Productions provides:       Video                                      Photography


                                         Music Videos                            Band Shoots

                                         Live performance Videos             Live Performances

                                         Teaser/Kickstarter Videos            Special Events

                                         Corporate/Special Events



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