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A Music Video can be the single most effective marketing tool for your music. Kuli Productions can work with you to create an amazing concept within your budget and then bring that concept to life. 


Jillian Dawn | Trouble (official Music Video)


A Lyric Video is a popular way to create video content on a tight budget. A Lyric video doesn't require a strict concept. It can be compiled from live show and other B role footage. It's a great way to put emphasis on your lyrics and promote your song. 


Spiritual Rez | One Big Song (Lyric Video)


Kuli Productions is partnered with several studios in the LA area. Together we can multitrack record, mix, master and produce a live video at a good rate. This is a very popular option for touring bands that need to show what they do live and still sound amazing. These videos are perfect to show promoters when booking shows. 


Harsh Armadillo | Standby (Live @ 9b Studio)

Live Performance Video

Live Performance Videos are a great way to promote your live show and help book gigs. If you are a performance heavy artist this option is perfect for you. Multiple cameras, hand-held and on tripods, handled by multiple camera operators, will capture the best of your show to produce an awesome live performance video. 


Red Ninja | Unchanged  Live 

Teaser | Trailer Video

Trailer and Teaser Videos are a very important promotional tool. They are usually short and powerful and their purpose is to grab the attention of your audience, promote your product/ image and keep your brand relevant. 

Gang of Thieves | Work Together (official Trailer) 

Promotional | Corporate Events

When covering events, Kuli Productions will keep a low profile while capturing those little moments that make your event special. We will craft your video to target your brand and make your event memorable. 

Spiritual Rez on Writing, Rocking and the DIY Element

* For Pricing Contact: 

                                   Toft Willingham 386-965-8895

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